Berdyanskyi Sausages, LLC
Built in 1967 among 25 typical full-cycle meat-processing plants.

Advanced Danish and German technological developments were applied in the construction of this enterprise. The main activity of the enterprise was meat procurement – up to 140 tons per day. The sausage manufacturing room could initially produce up to 5 tons of sausages, and over time increased its capacity to 30 tons.

In 2013 we fulfilled the total reconstruction of production facilities of Berdyansk Sausages, LLC, in accordance with European standards. The renewal of the technological equipment allowed to increase production volumes significantly and to reach totally new level of quality. Nowadays Berdyansk Sausages, LLC, produces more than 30 tons of sausages per day. In addition to meat and sausage production Berdyansk Sausages, LLC, produces canned fish, fulfils livestock slaughtering and deboning, as well as fat and bone processing.

TM “Berdyanskyi Meat-Processing Plant” is currently well known not only to consumers in Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, but since 2011 also in Eastern and Southern parts of Ukraine. In 2019, thanks to cooperation with national retail chains, the products of TM “Berdyanskyi Meat-Processing Plant” became available to sausage lovers in Kyiv city and Kyiv region.